City Life

Central London. Crazy, manic, vibrant and forever changing. I have lived here now for almost a decade and I am still in love with the place. I have wonderful memories of time here and I hope there will be many more to come.  I used to live in N.Ireland. I was born and raised in a little town called Coleraine which isn’t far from the north coast. I suppose living there all my life made me crave another situation. I was bored doing and seeing the same thing. Being a country girl at heart (still I think), London is my adopted home – and what a home it is!

For once, the London sky was not dark and grey this morning. Even with a tube strike, there was so a lot to be positive about. Walking through Hyde Park on my way to work, the morning sky was filled with a watery sunlight just above the horizon. It was quite beautiful. With the strike in full swing, cyclists were out in force. People were rushing around all over the place. The streets were awash with busy lives. What kind of lives?

Everybody was going somewhere. Where they were going, I did not know. I found myself imagining what their day was going to be like. Where they going to an office or where they going to meet an old friend for coffee? Perhaps they were going to the tube and then to the airport in search of a refreshing change of scenery? Other countries, other places and other people. Where we all doing the same thing in every part of the world at different times in the day? Or at least what appeared to be just that.

Judging by the look of stressed out urgency on people’s faces,  I came to the conclusion that most people were either on their way to work or they had problems at home with a significant other. Happy, overwhelmed, cheerful, ecstatic….so many possible feelings they could have been experiencing.  So many faces and by simply looking at people, you can never really tell how they are really feeling. We all have our secrets I suppose. There are many emotionally complex layers to being human. I am just reaching the end of the (very addictive) adrenalin trip which is ‘Breaking Bad’ and if any drama shows you how appearances mean nothing….

It is a fascinating life.

I think that is why I made this city my home. London is such a big place. So many lives. So many stories. So much going on in such a concentrated space. The energy and pace of life is incredible and highly addictive (when you are in the right mood to be part of it all). If you are too tired to keep up with the city, it will not wait for you. Somehow though, it becomes a part of you. Even when I leave for a few days, I always feel it pulling me back.

It is life in full force. Everyone doing what they can to survive,  thrive and live in the way they feel is best.  Standing in a strong gale would be easier sometimes. That wouldn’t be as much fun though.

© Christina McDonald 2014


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