The definition of amazing….

We are all searching for something in life. What that something is, only you can know. There is endless search for a life that completes us. One amazing moment where we can say ‘Yes, that’s it. I’m there.’ Something short of a miracle perhaps for most of us. I suppose it depends what you invest your priorities in.

We all have different goals but the search for that feeling of completion is always the same.

A great home to call your own, a wonderful family, more children, more money, more love, more sex, more time, more travelling,  more studying, more, more more. It’s always more, not less somehow (unlesss it happens to be less stress). Where is that one amazing moment hiding? A week from now?  Four months from now? A year’s time maybe?

A life can be remembered in moments. Moments we choose to remember and identify with. The good moments. Not the bad. Nobody wants to remember the bad stuff. Being fired, having an illness,  breaking up with someone. I’m sure we all have our memorable lists. The good days and the bad together make up more than moments.  They constitute a life.

Everything we feel and experience is part of the beauty of being alive. All our ups and downs are a gift. An amazing gift.

Life itself.

© Christina McDonald 2014


2 thoughts on “The definition of amazing….

  1. MARK ANTHONY says:

    well written and sums it all up precisely as it is.Fantastic..


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