Good health is as good as good manners….

Time for a good old fashioned telling off and a bit of a moan….

Coughing and sneezing – everybody does it but not everyone puts their hand over their mouths. Is anyone else annoyed about this? I’m sorry to say it but it really winds me up. I find it inconsiderate and so disrespectful not to do this especially if you are ill. It seems wherever I go at the moment, nobody thinks to put their hand over their mouth when they cough or when they sneeze. A sneeze especially flies everywhere. Apparently it can travel up to speeds of 90mph. If you have a cold or flu and you neglect to sneeze into your hands or a tissue, you risk infecting the people in your immediate vicinity with whatever lurgy you have. Keep tissues with you and keep a hand sanitizer as well so if you have to sneeze into your hands without a tissue, you can get rid of the virus and/or bacteria.

Simple as that.

In a city, it is even more important to be careful about sneezing and coughing as there are so many people in such a concentrated space. If a serious viral epidemic ever hit a major city, we would be in big trouble if you ask me. It would spread so quickly in such a short period of time if we thoughtlessly sneezed and coughed over everyone. It is no wonder we are ill if we have so little consideration for our own health and that of other people. There is already a TB alert in London and it is apparently very difficult to recongnise and diagnose due to a limited number of lung specialists able to deal with the condition.

Not good news. So – please everyone – hand over the nose and mouth….then we may have a fighting chance before we actually get sick, have to take time off work and give it to others as well.

© Christina McDonald 2014


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