Passion and creation….

So..many….reality. …tv….shows. I think we are living in some kind of weird existence where life stops and an imitation of life begins. Reality tv versus the reality of life itself…..

Of course, by now we are all familiar with shows like ‘The X factor’ and ‘The Voice’. I am all for people going for their dreams. I cannot help but feel the people auditioning for these shows are missing something vitally important.

The auditions I’ve noticed are always very emotional, tense and fraught with what comes across as impassioned desperation. The goal-to be noticed, to be free from a hum-dum existence, from being a 9-5 drone. The promise of a glittering future in lights, glamour and celebrity. Wonderful stuff obviously if that’s your goal.

Most of the candidates interviewd seem really unhappy and disatisfied with their situation and themselves. ‘I want a better life.’ Fine…but what’s wrong with the life you have at the moment? It all seems to be about the fame. We can fulfil our potential in other ways that don’t require us be on a reality tv show. It isn’t the ‘be all and end all’. And if it is – you are on the road to misery if you ‘fail’.

The artistry and music seems to be of little importance. Having a strong voice and a personality that can be moulded and shaped to the music industry requirements is of the utmost importance. Great talent seems to amount to having a strong vocal, important of course but certainly not the be all and end all when it comes to being a musician.

Those who audition sing passionately and they go for it, that’s clear. What is missing for me is that pop musicians today do not seem to create music with an equal degree of passion.

As far as I’m concerned, real artistry doesn’t get a look in really. It’s all about who follows you, who supports you, are you popular, likable, charismatic, cute, funny, etc. Since when has that become a substitute for being an actual artist? Being a musician myself, I know that it is important to be appreciated (but for the music only).

I remember being taught years ago by musicicans who could only be described as absolute tyrants. They were amazing artists though. Likability wasn’t an issue – the music was always the priority. They didn’t care if they were liked at all really! People still listened to their music.

Most of the songs that are top of the charts today – I can’t remember them 6 months to a year later. And that’s not for want of trying for the musicians of today. There is a certain essence missing. An aspect of a creative spirit that simply isn’t there to me. Bring back Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix…please….

Music today has little originality unlesss you are actually pouring yourself into it. Your feeling, your experiences, your life. It should be all about you (but in a way that brings out the artist in you, not the celebrity in you). Songs that stand the test of time are those that have real feeling and depth. They come from a place in you that needs expression.

Music is a soulful experience. You ain’t a musician until you’re living it fully!

© Christina McDonald 2014


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