Workin’ 9-5….the only way to make a living?

It seems the majority of the population in the UK are working increasingly longer hours to pay the bills. According to a recent daily mail article, more than 4 million UK employees are now working at least 48 hours a week to make ends meet. That doesn’t sound like a workforce with any choice at all.

God help us if we catch the cold or flu these days. We trudge into the office relentlessly against all the odds. We stress out over the fact that we could have our hours cut back drastically or lose a promotion if we don’t show some kind of willing incentive. All this, despite being at death’s door.

Perhaps the stress of being ill is surpassed by lying in bed at home and knowing as a manager that things aren’t getting done properly at work.It is more reassuring to go in. It’s a catch 22 really. We work long hours to make ends meet. Then, we become ill, exhausted, run down and eventually sick and unable to continue working.

Increasing creative productivity and effective time management would be the key. Are we realising an employee’s potential contribution to a company or are we just filing them away under ‘drone’?

Is it really necessary to work long hours to the point of exhaustion? Surely there are ways to change our daily working routine? Perhaps in a way that would actually ease a stressful workload and complement our creative and logical abilities?

In addition to this, another article published in the telgraph outlines the pressure parents are now feeling in relation to work – parents feel they are now risking their career success and being subsequently undervalued in the workplace and childless professionals are forced to work longer hours in their stead when they take maternity/patnernity leave.

The mere fact that there seems to be flexible priority for one group of individuals (mums and dads to be) seems to create resentment that other members of the workforce have to work harder to cover for them.

Hardly fair for the childless workforce amongst us. They have chosen not to have children but seem to be unfairly penalised with a heavier workload in favour for those who have made their own choice to have children.

Perhaps if flexible working solutions were applied to the workforce as a whole, employee’s would be happier feeling that their productivity and free time was respected – not consequently of a default in which choice isn’t a factor.

Freedom to choose means no one can lose….

Time to think outside the ‘inbox’ somehow!

© Christina McDonald 2014


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