The colourful world of sense and taste in food.

When I first started working in a chocolate shop, I was amazed by the choice that was available. When I was told I could try everything well….you can guess what happened.

I felt a bit sick after! I quickly learned my lesson. When I feel moody or irritable, I feel an insatiable urge for chocolate.

It isn’t just any chocolate though.

Subconsciously, I was being much more selective than I initially thought.

If we feel down, or if the weather is gloomy and wet, we tend to more often than not, eat food that gives us an emotional boost (in other words, food that has a very high sugar content). A craving that needs to be satisfied has many dimensions of reason.

Visually, we can be more influenced towards a purchase depending on the colours we see on the packaging. Bright colours are often more appealing than dark. We want something to uplift us. Walking into a chocolate shop for example is a perfect example of how our senses are seduced and influenced by everything we see.

What we feel versus what we want to feel. What does chocolate do to the senses and to the mind before we even put it in our mouth? Firstly, the use of colour is appealing and attractive. In many ways it helps to represent the actual taste of the chocolate (red packaging for chilli and pink for rose for example).

Colour and mood are very much interrelated. In terms of taste, how much are we tasting psychologically simply by browsing? Is the very fact that we choose a flavour above another determining the overall physiological experience of what we are about to try? Is taste completely unique to the individual’s experience and needs?

I think so. And that is a journey we should all experience. Chocolate, cheese, wine…whatever you love….taste it with every sense you have for the ultimate experience of feeling.

Enjoy 😉

© Copyright Christina McDonald 2014


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