Second rate lives and first rate dreams…..

The power of dreams… and it isn’t just ‘Honda’that really believes that. I think deep down we all do really. What would life be like without having a dream? Pretty boring I think.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some big, some small, and both of equal importance. Life changing stuff. Of course, being told at a young age by a primary school teacher to ‘stop day dreaming or you’ll never get where you need to be’ really made an impression on me…

20 years later, I’m still dreaming. I’m happy as well. I have a full time job, my health, my strength and good friends. I enjoy life. To me, that ticks all the boxes.

Dreaming I often find, is instilled negatively in children and in adults. A description for someone who isn’t very reliable or maybe a bit abstract and different. Eccentric. A person who doesn’t fit in.

‘Oh, he would do better in class if he wasn’t dreaming all the time’…Maybe he would do better in class that day but be less of an inspiration in the world when he grows up…

(Dreams have no place in the classroom you see).

Targets and grades need to be met. The syllabus doesn’t really have the requirements to cover dream theory in depth…

I say let the kid dream and stop interfering…they may change the world one day. Don’t encourage him to have a second rate life with first rate dreams that go unfulfilled.

Also where is it I actually ‘ need to be?’ That’s what I love about some school teachers. Their all seeing and all knowing advice. Having dreams is what life is all about to me.

If we didn’t have visions and ideas (or dreams), humanity would stand still. Cures for illnesses would never be found. Space exploration would be unheard of. Solutions to many problems would not occur if we didn’t give ourselves the freedom to imagine ‘what if?’

The possibilities are endless and dreams are that possibility. There are no limits to imagination and creativity unless you impose those restrictions on yourself.

The world is your oyster. It always has and always will be.

Keep your positive goals and dreams a part of your life and eventually, with belief and determination, they will manifest.

Live a first rate life….

© Christina McDonald 2014


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