Define normal? The illusion of the comfort zone…..

What is the true definition of normal? This is such a vague description and one that suggests there is a type of conformation that should be adhered to. There isn’t. What is commonly thought of as ‘normal’ is only something that is familiar and acceptable to us as an individual. A secure comfort zone in which we can blend in.

Us and them. Normal and weird. Who is to say what is normal and what isn’t? There is just life in all its crazy wonderous glory. I think we could all do with altering our expectations as to how we think people should be. People should feel they have the freedom to be themselves. Difference should be celebrated and not feared. Life is too short for that. I must confess that I am quite complex. I want to express myself freely and I am myself. Sometimes when I do that, I feel very alone. Not fitting in is something I have felt (and endured somewhat) most of my life.

I enjoyed fitting in to an extent with others when I was growing up as I didn’t want to feel so isolated. We are all connected of course and made of the same stuff but I felt sometimes when I was myself and spoke my mind that I was suddenly ‘out of the niche’ I was trying to make for myself. I didn’t like it and I always felt like I was struggling with my identity. It was hard to express individuality growing up as there was always peer pressure to contend with. School wasn’t enjoyable for me really.

Breaking out of that comfort zone is painful but with it, comes a certain amount of relief. Being true to who you are is the highest blessing of freedom in a world were fear seems to have a stranglehold on many aspects of people’s lives and society in general. It is possible to be free in your own heart and soul if you have courage to be yourself utterly. You don’t have to dress flamboyantly or make witty and intelligent remarks. Just be honest with yourself.

Your life will then be your own journey and nobody else will have a say in what you do. Even if and when you make mistakes, they will be yours and yours alone. The only person you need to answer to is yourself. I have made lots of mistakes but I am glad I still took a chance that was my own. If you know who you are, that will be easy enough to realise.

You shouldn’t have a comfort zone that imprisons the real you. You should only be comfortable and happy with who you are without feeling the need to please anyone else on the way.

© Christina McDonald 2014.


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