Simple pleasures….

There is nothing better than experiencing the very simple pleasures of life. A warm sunny day, meeting up with a friend for coffee or putting your feet up with a good book after a long hard day at work. I often feel these things are what life is all about. We all struggle sometimes to find meaning in everything we do and sometimes that meaning can be lost when we do the same thing over and over again. We then start craving some excitment and stimulation elsewhere.

How many of us have uttered or thought the famous words…’my life has no meaning’ or ‘what I do means nothing’. ‘I’m not a great world leader or person of influence’. Comparing yourself to others is a guaranteed way to feel absolutely awful about yourself. What exactly are you comparing yourself to? How things look in someone else’s life is not perhaps how things actually are.

Who is to say what is meaningful?

Comparison is simply a way to cast yourself in someone else’s shadow. It is a recipe for unhappiness. If you don’t feel as though you are living your life to its fullest potential, then it is an opportunity to change it. Don’t just be unhappy – sort it out! Everyone finds meaning in different ways. There is no one preferred option or even a right way.

Don’t follow the crowd and feel the people who are ‘better off’ actually are. Some of the wealthiest and apparently ‘happy people’ are the most unhappy in the world. You don’t know what pain and personal difficulties they are experiencing. Appearances are always very deceptive. Illusion causes confusion!

The danger is searching for meaning in things that do not last. Empty addictive thrills. Drink, drugs, sex etc. These are momentary thrills that disappear as quickly as they came along. Enjoyable yes…pleasurable, hell yes…truly meaningful…no. If you feel you have an addiction to something, to me you are searching for something that can’t really be found.

Excitement, the rush of arendalin, the high you crave – it is followed by a very bad low. A low that you need to get rid of as soon as you possibly can. Believe me – I have been there! It is replaced quickly once more by the addiction you crave. Life becomes an adrenalin rollercoaster of addiction and it is actually just exhausting more than anything else.

Pleasure is very short lived sometimes but it exists within the true essence of happiness.

I used to dread a life without excitement. I couldn’t stand the thought of being bored and having nothing to do. I still have the comparison bug. It is in me still (dormant!) and sometimes it rears its ugly head when I feel down. What excites me now is the prospect of living a life that has meaning based on what I truly value in life. Good friends, health and wellbeing and someone to love and spend my life with. These things are what will endure with a real sense of meaning over time. It may not seem much, but in reality, it is all there ever is.

© Christina McDonald 2014


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