Can anger be positive somehow?

Of all the emotions we can experience, anger is the one that is the most destructive of all. Our mental state becomes agitated and disturbed and the desire to ‘lose it’ becomes stronger with every passing moment.

Sometimes I deliberately want to be angry. That may sound a little strange. If I have something that is annoying me, a part of me naturally wants to vent that frustration.

Sometimes I wonder if it is right to become angry in the first place? Maybe allowing youself to enter a state of disharmony is completely wrong. But then…if something gives you a legitimate reason to be cross, surely that is understandable?

I think anger has its rightful place. If approached in a way that is constructive (and not destructive), it can be a powerful tool for change. Things may change for the better because you spoke up for yourself and a difficult situation for instance.

You may be able to learn something about yourself and others in the process. As long as you are aware of your feelings, you remain in control. I think anger can be channelled into healthy assertiveness with the right approach.

● Stay calm – you will remain in control.

● Your point will then be conveyed.

● You will be taken seriously.

Problem solved!

If you can keep the ultimate goal in perspective which is to change a negative situation into a positive one by voicing your concerns calmly, you are transforming anger into a productive energy.

Shouting and screaming shows a weakness and lack of control-and you must always be in control if you want your personal issues to be taken seriously by others. When you remain in a calm state, you achieve things.

We have all these feelings for a reason and it is always better to understand why we are experiencing them than not. Neglecting something as powerful as anger is something we should do at our peril.

Repressing anger will not only work to destroy those closest to you but you will also be consumed by it. It’s just like a black hole….it will anhililate everything in its path if you don’t approach it correctly!

(Also – if something doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon and it is really getting to you, head for the gym and pound it out!) Don’t allow yourself to be wound up….just not worth it!

© Christina McDonald 2014


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