Food is good….

Travelling abroad recently combined with early starts, skipping meals and caffeine fuelled searching for departure gates reminded me of one simple thing-eating is important. Not just eating but eating and enjoying good food in a relaxed state. Lying in bed in my hotel room, I wondered why I felt so unwell. I had not eaten enough all day apart from a half a croissant in the morning (with a very strong black coffee of course).

The morning sunrise was something special on my first day there:

Sunrise in the Canaries...

Sunrise in the Canaries…

Running on empty was no way to travel sanely. Thinking about it, this crazy pattern of behaviour is symptomatic of my life as a whole. Always ‘too busy’ with other things to care about myself properly. When did I ever really appreciate the importance of eating well? The truth is-I do not as of yet appreciate or care properly about what I eat. I have a ‘grab a sandwich, anything will do’ philosophy which I am determined to change.

If anything, like so many of us, I love eating the wrong things. The ridiculous thing is that I love eating really good wholesome food. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling the food you have just eaten is doing your body good.

Working full time as an assistant manager for a chocolate company, I am slowly but surely learning to appreciate what goes into making great chocolate. My curiosity is expanding into new territories. Who knows what discoveries I will make on this new journey into appreciating food. I mean….’food glorious food’ must mean something good right?

BUT – the very thought of having to prepare a meal when I get home from work makes me feel exhausted….or perhaps that is my excuse for being too lazy to think about it. I know one thing for sure. I think I might actually enjoy it if I could just find somewhere to start. So -where to start? The kitchen. I think….

I always know what I enjoy eating. That part is easy of course. Cheese is up there. I love bread. I enjoy salads. …sometimes. (If there is cheese). With salads, I usually feel very hungry if I don’t have any protein or carbohydrates with it. As long as it is filling and satisfying, I am content. It is also where I fall down…I feel the same about pizza too.

What annoys me most of all, is coming home to a cupboard of food and not seeing anything I would want to eat. I only have myself to blame! First thing is first then – I have to make sure there is nutritious food that I enjoy eating waiting for me at home when I finish work. Then, I’ll have something to look forward to!

I am not sure I have ever really properly tasted food. Enjoying food and a satisfying meal, yes. When hunger is satisfied, that’s all well and good. My appreciation of food is still under par. Like so many things in life, I take it for granted. I don’t think I have tasted food and thought about how the ingredients have been combined to create the enjoyment of tasting it. Why does it taste good? Why do certain flavours work brilliantly together?

Apart from being hungry and subconsciously eating three meals a day, I now want to satisfy my curiosity about food, not just my appetite.

I wonder if we actually truly enjoy eating junk food. Isn’t it just the convenience we enjoy more? Having easy food ‘ready to go’ as it were, (I used to love microwave meals at uni), isn’t cooking. The most most important part isn’t included – having to think about making it. Making a list of healthy foods that we really enjoy is step one of the plan.

If we approach cooking with enjoyment, it ceases to be a chore. So – what do you love eating?

Get cooking! 🙂

© Copyright Christina McDonald 2014


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