The exquisite and beautiful pain…enjoy your life…this is it!

It is simple. Enjoy every moment. It is exquisite. It has been given to you. Live it with every ounce of your being. Have you ever dared to live your dreams to the point where you’ve actually been so nervous, scared to death even and experiencing so much adrenalin to the point where deep exhilaration is inevitable? New boundaries are created. The fear, the suspense, the joy, the bliss…has life pushed you to the edge yet or have you been too afraid to peer over the cliff?

If you have never pushed the boundaries, gone to the outer rims of what you feel can endure, if you have never had an addiction, never allowed yourself to feel pain, to suffer to the depths of your being, to feel joy to depths of your being, you are merely a living shadow of who you really are. You are not living, but existing only.

‘Life is not tried, it is merely survived’. If you’re standing outside the fire.'(Garth Brooks)

I am a rebel at heart and happy to be me. If you don’t allow yourself to get burned occasionally, (blind roaring drunk, heart broken, etc). whatever you fear, you will not be able to cope when you actually do feel real pain. How can you emotionally prepare for the shocks and hardships life hands out if you don’t have the strength and wisdom of experience to deal with it?

If you live life in a safe bubble, you can be sure one day it will burst. Bubbles are quite pretty, beautiful to watch floating about everywhere but they disappear in a flash – ‘pop’ – that’s it. Then what?

Don’t be afraid of anything in life and don’t shut out experiences. They are your life line to your mental and emotional strength. Embrace everything it has to offer. If we repress our feelings, don’t let stress out, carry on holding negative feelings, we will hurt ourselves and do more damage in the long run.

Expressing who you are is the key to living your life on your own terms. If people tell you to ‘pull yourself together’ or ‘don’t cry’ or don’t be so silly, grow up’, they are the only ones who are denying their feelings – they will expect you to do that too because they think it is appropriate to do so. Conform, conform conform.

To hell with that. Be an individual.

It is YOUR LIFE. No one elses. Live it, learn it, love it!

© Christina McDonald 2014


4 thoughts on “The exquisite and beautiful pain…enjoy your life…this is it!

  1. disconcerted72 says:

    Nothing like perusing blogs and comming across one that just hits you like a baseball bat full of positivity! 🙂
    Quite an inspirational post!


  2. What a powerful discourse of posivitivity. You truly are a light in a world filled with pessimism keep up the good work!


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