Success is a state of mind…

When you believe you can, you will. When you don’t, you will not. It really is that simple. If you believe in something enough and you know you can do it, good things will come. It may not come instantly but eventually, with persistent effort, you end up achieving your goal.

There is no clear definite concept of success. It is a matter of priority only.

Being successful in society does not always mean from a material perspective. There are different kinds of success. Don’t think you will not make mistakes either. That is a massive part of the journey towards success. The trick is – even if you make a mistake, no matter how silly you think it is, move on, learn from it and keep going! Being able to learn and grow as a person is one of the biggest achievements in life and if you can do it…that really is something to be happy about.

Doubt is your biggest enemy. What is there to doubt anyway if you know what you’re doing? Faith in yourself is the key to everything. If you can prepare yourself for success mentally no matter what you are doing, you are halfway there. Belief is the driving force behind it. Look at how powerful belief is when it comes to religion for example…(and sometimes not in a good way). It is a very powerful tool for change and it should be used carefully and wisely. Belief is potent!

If you want to be successful, ask yourself ‘why?’ What are your motivations for success? Your personal reasons will give you an insight as to how you feel in relation to what you value and why. We all value different things in life but some things do not require us to give them a real sense of priority. If you want something, it is not always the same as needing something.

So – what is a priority on the most fundamental level?

Good health

To be able to live comfortably (having enough)

Happiness (and to be genuinely happy means you are grateful for what you have, not unhappy that you don’t have everything you want).

Good friends who support and cherish you for who you are

Someone to love and who loves you unconditionally

Good health, shelter, food and water – if you have that, then you are pretty successful I think! Some people don’t even have the basics while the rest of us have so much we forget what is truly important.

So – considering the above, would you say you are successful or unsuccessful?

I would say….successful!

© Christina McDonald 2014


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