Learning to Dance…

Life is difficult enough sometimes. It is even harder when you face those difficulties on your own. Sometimes all you want to do is sit down and cry. We have all been there. I think it is a good thing to let it all out. If we don’t, eventually we end up sitting in the Psychiatrist’s office wondering how it all fell apart. keeping it together is a challenge now and then…

Perhaps if we gave ourselves permission to let everything fall apart, we would be surprised at what would happen. Maybe the solutions we need will emerge from the chaos. New beginnings cannot be formed otherwise.

“Out of chaos, comes order”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Holding on too much to life (through worry and anxiety) is a way to stop life in its tracks. We are not meant to become so stressed that we lose perspective – and that’s just what stressful reactions to problems can do. Sometimes we need to find a way to remove ourselves from the constant whirring of our minds. People have addictions for those very reasons.

We should never be afraid of feeling out of control. Life has a way of sweeping you off your feet and if you don’t find a way to go with the flow, you end up fighting instead of dancing with life. (What if you don’t know the dance moves? Improvise instead until you work it out!)

Whatever comes your way, no matter how difficult, you will be able to deal with it. Believe you can and you will. The passage of time brings many changes. How we deal with those changes depends on our state of mind. It is all about perspective and seeing life in a positive way. Not to easy to acknowledge (I know) when you’re dwelling in a state of negativity. The trick is not to enter that state in the first place….

The joy of life is found by simply letting go more often. Just stop trying and fretting so much about things that don’t really matter. Everything will be the same in 100 years.

1 – Work out what is causing you stress
2 – Find a logical way to deal with the problem as best you can (even if there is no apparent solution, there is a way to manage the stress involved
3 – Talk about it with someone in confidence

Don’t take it all upon yourself when you don’t have to at all….talk to someone.

We all need somebody….

© Christina McDonald 2014.


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