On love….

When you begin to love yourself, you start connecting with your own heart. As obvious as that sounds, not enough people spend time caring about themselves in the way they should. We spend so much of our lives searching for something to complete us but our quest to reach that destination is as simple as putting some time aside for personal relaxation.

What does loving yourself really mean? (That phrase really has lost its meaning I think! I sometimes hear people saying ‘Aww that guy really loves himself, what a loser!’) In other words, love has become lost in self obsession somehow -how things look. It doesn’t mean doing continuous selfies and posting them on social media),it simply means treating yourself well. Not beating yourself up for not having been good enough in your own mind, it means giving yourself a break.

If you actually think about it, we all put so much effort into the appearance of things without factoring our own happiness into the equation. Life then becomes a vacuous struggle to achieve the goal of having a perfect image rather than a fulfilling life and a less than perfect image. If you haven’t seen ‘American Beauty’, it is one to watch. It illustrates that brilliantly.

The way things look doesn’t actually matter at all. Reflections of who you really are go beyond your physical appearance. That is good to know. We are not being ourselves living up to someone else’s standards whilst at the same time compromising our needs. Denial tends to bridge how things look and how things really are. What are we in denial of most of the time? Who we really are.

If we have the courage to be honest with ourselves, we start living life from the heart. We start treating ourselves in the way we deserve. What do you really need?

To be yourself.

Christina McDonald 2014.


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