What’s so good about Grenadian Chocolate? (Everything!)

Grenada 60% Nibilicious

Now – I am a great believer in trying new (and good) things. When you end up absolutely loving something, the tendency is to keep buying the same bar of chocolate over and over again. Who doesn’t have their favourite preference? My guilty pleasure is rose in milk chocolate. I only allow myself to have it when I feel I really deserve it (or if it is pouring with rain outside and I want to feel better).

I have to say that Grenada Chocolate bars are fast becoming some of my number one choice if I want to have some dark chocolate. If you were familiar with my last post, I talked a bit about the late Mott Green and how he founded the Grenada Chocolate Company which is a bean to bar operation. The profits generated from making the chocolate go back to the people who produce it.

If you have never tried the Grenada 60% Nibilicious bar, I would urge you to do so. I think what I love so much about it is that there is a great variety of flavour and texture here. Within this bar, the entire process of making chocolate is encapsulated. We have the nibs combined with what would be finished product after the nibs have been ground and conched – (of course then, after a few more steps we have – chocolate as the end product!) The crunchy nibs combined with the rich and fruity floral notes ensures the palate detects every nuance of flavour found in the bean which is precisely what I love about this bar. Crunchy, fruity and incredibly moreish, this is high up on my list. There’s just so much going on!

Grenada 100%

Of course, the Grenada 100% is a  popular bar with so many people (my husband included) who could eat it in abundance and without guilt ( if I let him!) Within a tiny square, you have to brace your palate as there is going to be what I would call a firework display of taste. It is like having the chocolate equivalent of a double espresso. When someone said, ‘You have to try this’, I thought to myself – ‘Sure, OK. I mean I’m pretty safe, there’s no sugar after all. It’s not like I will really enjoy this and become addicted or anything.’

Famous last words of course!

I didn’t really think I would enjoy it. Biggest mistake ever. I love it. This is a bar which is bursting with the natural flavours of the bean. What a fool I was to believe that I needed sugar to make it taste palatable. (This is coming from someone who growing up always needed to have a massive dollop of ketchup on her plate). Of course, saying that, this bar is very intense and not everyone’s cup of tea. What I would say is if you could allow your palate to recover from the initial shock and allow yourself to really explore the taste, you will not be disappointed. Sharp, tangy and bursting with rich floral notes, this is a bar that allows you to discover Grenadian chocolate in all its natural glory.

Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

© Christina McDonald 2014.



Having a ‘wee’ bite to eat at ‘Attendant’!

My friend and I discovered an interesting little place recently and it isn’t one you would feel a natural inclination to visit (unless you had a call of nature). I suppose this is a call of a different kind – hunger! ‘Attendant’ is a Victorian public toilet that has been converted into a downstairs cafe in Fitzrovia, Central London. When I first heard about this place, I wasn’t sure if it was something I really wanted to visit. Food and toilets just don’t mix right? All the years of washing my hands before I eat didn’t seem to make sense here! I had to give it a try – for the sake of curiosity!

We made our way downstairs into the ‘loo’ and I have to say I was really impressed with what had been done with the space. It was a bustling, lively, vibrant little hot spot where people could come in and buy a latte or a cappuccino to stay or go. The food was tasty and the service, very efficient. The staff were polite and friendly and seemed to really enjoy working there which was great to see. I would urge you to check this one out and if you want something a bit different, this is the place to visit. This is exactly why I have stayed in London for such a long time – discovering places like this! Sitting at a urinal eating and drinking is quite surreal but in an enjoyable way!

The atmosphere, even though it was very busy was pretty chilled out and people seemed to spend a lot of time in there just reading, chatting and writing. This place has a very special character and it really makes you appreciate the hard work and effort that has gone into transforming space and what potential there is do something extraordinarily different.

One thing is for sure – it works!

You have GOT to try the salted caramel brownies as they are too delicious for words. I would have to say they are some of the best brownies I have ever tasted. If the frantic pace of London is getting you down, it is a great little place to hide away in for a few minutes! It can get very busy and at meal times, the place is heaving. I have no complaints at all. There is also a message board where you can leave a note – whatever you like – about your experience. This was a very fun diversion, very much off the beaten track from what you usually expect from a cafe in Central London.

The only thing is – they don’t have a loo! It felt weird leaving and having to look for a toliet.

A definite must see!

© Christina McDonald 2014