The Fashion Stakes….

Yesterday for the very first time, I went to a fashion show in Central London – and enjoyed it! I wouldn’t say that I would be ‘into’ fashion like some people are. I suppose, like many others, I enjoy buying clothes (and shoes lets not forget – you should see my wardrobe, it is ridiculous). There is something quite exciting about going to a catwalk show, the photographers, the lights, the glamour – again, it is another world, a world that you can so easily be seduced by.

I said to myself before I went:

‘Me? Fashion? Moi? That’s isn’t me. I don’t care what I look like. There are more important things in life.’ Ha! As if…it is a superficial world at best…right?

Yes, there are more important things – but the problem is that everybody has a different set of priorities.The truth is – I do care what I look like – in a healthy way I think (or would hope).  I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying what the fashion industry has to offer as long as you don’t lose yourself in it and believe that it is the be all and end all. If you can look at a model and appreciate the creative effort and artistry that has gone into a particular creation, then I think you are on the right track.

After all, when you look good, you feel good. It is all about psychology. I had an ex-boyfriend who used to wear certain clothes on days when he wanted to feel cool and mega powerful – seriously! Yes, I have to admit, there is something to be said about making the most of your appearance and your shape. The first impression another person makes about you (in an interview for example), is usually based on what you are wearing, your presentation and image.

I don’t like this but it is a truth of modern living – appearance seems to be everything as a means to persuasion. (It doesn’t always mean anything though).

Beneath the surface is actually what matters….who you are, and what good you do for others. I still prefer comfort – comfy trousers, jumpers, a pair of sensible flat shoes as opposed to stilettos I can’t walk in and no bra. The bra makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel as if I’m wearing a strait jacket. That’s me – but I will try and make a little bit more of an effort in the fashion stakes…maybe…if I have the energy to spare – while I’m still temporarily dazzled by the magic…

© Christina McDonald 2014.


Floral Creams – to love or hate?

I know a lot of people have either a love or hate relationship with floral flavours – rose, violet, lavender and geranium –  these flavours seem to represent a collective niche of individuals who buy chocolate as they are ‘someone’s particular favourite’ or they bring back a nostalgic childhood memory. ‘Oh, these remind me of spending weekends at my grandparents years ago when I was little’.

I hear this sentiment expressed by a lot by people who are looking to buy chocolate. They are influenced by happy memories and of course chocolate can be the master of creating emotive feeling! Nothing can ensare the senses more. My grandfather would often give me either a pound or a piece of chocolate secretly if I was standing behind him and I used to love the surprise gesture! Nobody else knew he had given me chocolate (I wasn’t allowed any in case it spoiled my dinner) but the day had become a little brighter!

It is funny the things you remember. That is one of clearest and happiest memories of my grandfather and still today….I love violet creams! For some, they are a little too sweet and sugary but for me, the mere smell of them makes me happy. Perhaps we all associate something positive with the food we enjoy eating….a memory of a feeling maybe when we first tried something. Taste and smell can take you back years.

The traditional English Creams are maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but there is something comforting for me about trying one from time to time. It is just a simple fondant centre with essential oil, nothing complex but within that simplicity comes an appreciation of traditional and perhaps more conservative taste. Not a bad thing overall but as always, it is important to try new things.

Preserving tradition without innovation and experimentation only instills a sense of unoriginality and stifles creativity. Both must exist in equilibrium. As much as we love the things we do, we must make room to explore new ideas and tastes. Favourites will always be favourites but until you try something else, nothing else has the potential to be a favourite. What we relate to changes over time. Lets try something new!

What is your favourite chocolate and why and most importantly, what would you love to try?